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Nintendo Switch: fans find a simple solution to Joy-Con Drift

Nintendo Switch: fans find a simple solution to Joy-Con Drift

How do I solve the Joy-Con Drift: A fan has found a very simple solution to the age-old problem of Nintendo Switch controllers.

Also fan more devoted to the Big N find a constant source of headaches in the Joy-Con Drift, the slippage of the analogue levers without solution of the otherwise versatile controllers of Nintendo Switch. At the moment, it would appear that the Kyoto giant is not interested in resolving the issue in the long run.

Many rumors have followed for months about a hypothetical “Pro” model of the hybrid console, but they proved to be hot air when the Japanese company revealed that the last revision would be a model equipped with an OLED screen. Despite the improvements, the controllers are still the same.

Finding a solution to Joy-Con Drift has always been one of the biggest worries of Nintendo Switch fans, and the tutorials to find do-it-yourself solutions are wasted. However, according to VK (not to be confused with the social network of the same name), the remedy seems to be very simple.

The problem, according to VK, is the pressure applied to the area around the lever, which fades over time. To apply more pressure it is necessary to have the right tools to open the body of the controller, and then insert a material that is very easy to find at the base of the lever. If you’ve already seen the video above, you know what it is.

Contrary to what we might imagine, apply with paper or cardboard one millimeter thick may be enough to resolve the age-old question. The internal contacts, over time, will inevitably diminish and the extra thickness restores the pressure necessary for a correct functioning of the levers.

Of course, since there is a serious risk of sending the guarantee to be blessed, you will want to know if the necessary tests have been carried out. The explanation starts five minutes and fifty-five seconds into the video, but you’ll be pleased to hear that VK has waited a while before sharing his solution with us.

The Joy-Con worked correctly for two months. However, we suggest the utmost caution if you want to try this remedy for yourself, unless you have already planned to have a new pair of controllers in the fall.