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Nintendo Switch: free game, from a best-selling series

Nintendo Switch: free game, from a best-selling series

A series as well-known as it is unsuspected provides us with the free August game for Nintendo Switch Online members: here’s what.

The Big N has revealed what it is the new free game from Nintendo Switch Online, and the most surprising is the holder of the IP concerned. Not only is this a third-party title, but also a game whose very arrival on the hybrid console would never have been taken for granted. Now, for a week, this title will be available for free.

We do not want to keep up the aura of mystery further: it is none other than Minecraft Dungeons, a spin-off of the multimillion-dollar Mojang franchise. It’s not like it’s the indie anymore it was in 2011, now that the development team and IP have been fully absorbed by Microsoft. Thinking about it, such a thing would have seemed surreal until recently.

However, paradoxical as it sounds, the new free game for Nintendo Switch Online members is right Minecraft Dungeons. Given the different approach compared to other services such as Xbox Live Gold and the free titles of the Epic Games Store, however, the weather to experience a new adventure will be more limited (the bonuses are others).

In fact, being the “trial games” offered by the service, this is to be understood as the equivalent of a beta test (in terms of availability, of course). You will be able to play the full title for a week, starting from tomorrow until Tuesday 24 August. We let you consult the tweet of the official Italian account of the Grande N.

#NintendoSwitchOnline members can play #Minecraft Dungeons as a Trial Game for free!

Download it now and venture underground, alone or with friends, starting August 18: https://t.co/DffFS9bch7 pic.twitter.com/PP8cGO8ZtV

– Nintendo Italia (@NintendoItalia) August 16, 2021

As we recalled in our review of the title, ironically on the Nintendo Switch, the game’s “Minecraft meets Diablo” approach is certainly not the only appeal it enjoys. The other feature of the game is how much the whole experience can be enjoyed by multiple players thanks to the in mode co-op.

If you want to try playing with friends too (the whole raison d’etre of the online service), you can easily consult our guide on the subject, dating back to the release of the title.