Nintendo Switch Online: New details on NES games for Virtual Console

The new proprietary service of the big N ibirida, or the Nintendo Switch Online, has shown itself in all its glory in a …

The new proprietary service of the big N ibirida, namely the Nintendo Switch Onlineit showed itself in all its glory in a trailer released during the last one Direct of 14 September, in which the five main features that make up the platform were shown (and which we have analyzed in our article).

Let’s talk specifically about a particular function, the one that will implement the Virtual Console from Switch going to offer several titles for NES, which will be chosen and distributed monthly by Nintendo itself. As has already been done with the titles of the NES Minieven the latter for Nintendo Switch will be improved graphically, giving users the possibility to apply visual filters to them to better adapt them to modern screens.

But again, we know that some of the titles that will be released will support online features, allowing you to play with other players over the internet. Another addition in line with the consoles Mini and the “Save state”or the possibility of saving the game at any time you wish, so that you can resume it at a later time from the exact point where you left it.

Furthermore, an addition (certainly very welcome) is that of the so-called “Hint”, that is a sort of guided mode that will allow players to interact with each other, helping each other for the resolution of situations in which it is not possible to move forward in the game. Specifically, one of the two players will be able to access an editor in which (through the use of a practical “hand”) will be able to indicate to the second player the way to follow or the actions to be taken to complete the level.

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Recall that the Nintendo Switch Online will be available starting tomorrow, September 19, and will be subscribed through four different plans:

  • monthly subscription – € 3.99
  • quarterly subscription – € 7.99
  • annual subscription – € 19.99
  • family annual pass – € 34.99 (shareable by a maximum of 8 accounts different)