Nintendo Switch Pro rumors are back as claims of a hidden reference in Nvidia’s source code emerge.

Repeated claims of a legendary Nintendo Switch Pro have become somewhat muted with the arrival of the OLED Switch, along with outright denial from Nintendo itself.

However, there is no smoke without fire in the gaming industry, and it seems that a new spark is ready to reignite the Switch Pro inferno.

Twitter user @NWPlayer123 drew attention to an interesting piece of source code from the recent Nvidia data breach. Right in the middle of the company’s DLSS code is “NVN2.”

NVIDIA leaks have “nvn2” which appears to be the Switch Pro graphics API, based on Ampere with ray tracing and DLSS 2.2 support

— Nikki™ 🌹 (@NWPlayer123) March 1, 2022

The graphics API for the original Nintendo Switch console is codenamed “NVN”. Is Nvidia working on the core technology of a Switch Pro follow-up?

Further research suggests that NVN2, whatever it is, is designed to work with Nvidia’s Ampere GPU architecture, which will support Ray Tracing and DLSS.

The latter is Nvidia’s AI-assisted rendering technique for dramatically sharpening low-resolution graphics, essentially increasing the frame rate without compromising sharpness. Just the kind of technique you might need to use to create a 4K TV-ready portable console, in fact.

The source also notes that there are references to T234 and T239. The first is code for Nvidia’s Orin system-on-chip, while the second is supposed to be a custom version of the T234 originally planned for the Switch Pro last June.

If it seems like we’re being overly cautious with these rumors, it’s because we’ve already been burned by the Switch Pro/Switch 2 rumors. But it’s the most promising sign yet that Nintendo is preparing a new hybrid console for its 4K TV. .

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