Nokia prevents unlocking the bootloader with the August security patch

Some time ago HMD Global, owner of Nokia’s rights, stated that they would allow the unlocking of the bootloader of all its terminals after the controversy that arose after the blocking of the Nokia 8. Well, he seems to have regretted this decision since he has blocked the bootloader of your devices without any warning, you know why.

If you are a Nokia user who is used to unlocking the bootloader and installing Custom ROMs and / or some other actions on your device, you should not update to the latest security patch, as you will be surprised by a bootloader that cannot be opened again (At least for the moment). The novelty of this patch, in addition to the respective security measures, is that access to this “option” so essential for modifications on any device is completely lost.

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As you can imagine, this has annoyed some users. Several people have confirmed on the net that when updating, they have no longer been able to unlock the bootloader. It is worth mentioning that users who already have the bootloader unlocked will have no problem as it will not lock it again. Otherwise, the people who update won’t be able to do much. Until now the only way to have the possibility of unlocking it is to perform a downgrade from a previous security patch / version via fastboot, which is risky as it can brick your phone.

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Nokia is a clear example among manufacturers when it comes to updating the software of their devices, for a long time the firm has used to send the respective patches and updates in a timely manner, but it seems that now it has taken action against those who are used to unlocking the bootloader, it is said that for “security” reasons.

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