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On iPhone with augmented reality you can now paste objects on the walls


In iOS 11.3tech developers can use it to make their augmented reality apps do things they’ve never been able to do before with ARKit, with version 1.5 adds some surprising features, the most prominent is wall detection. Some of the new things you can do in your iPhone and iPad with the augmented reality update of Manzana is to use games that allow you to bounce virtual balls from the floor and the wall of your house, this is part of the update of iOS 11.3it can place items on walls and doors that are in vertical positions and not just horizontal surfaces like tabletops as well as detect images for posters and artwork, and supports higher resolution for real-world images you see on screen.

In addition to these new features we will also see a function called business-chat that in it communicate directly with companies from the Messages application, four new animoji of lion, bear, dragon and skull are added only for users of iPhone X and a new Health Records at a Glance feature designed to view your medical data from multiple providers like hospitals, clinics, etc.

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The wall detection capability had already been seen in ARCore by Google has supported some wall detection. The wall detection version of Manzana will detect planes that are vertical or just vertical but do not have a large fixed angle. Virtual reality, animoji and health records are coming to iOS 11.3 probably after March, while the function business-chat will be released in public beta iOS 11.3. Battery features will be in later beta version of iOS 11.3.

What do you think of these new updates?