OnePlus plans to launch a 5G smartphone next year

As telephone operators begin to develop the new generation of network, several manufacturers are also making plans for their next 5G smartphones. This technology is said to start rolling out between 2019 and 2020. OnePlus has shared information regarding the issue of 5G network and new smartphones.

The founder of the Chinese company Pete Lau during an interview at the event Mobile World Congress Shanghai said it is talking to some North American carriers to start selling its line of devices. So far the company sells its products from its own website, it seems that this is about to change.

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Pete Lau has also said the company’s goal, its goal is launch its first 5G smartphone next year. The phone following the calendar could be called OnePlus 7 and it will be on the market when the 5G network goes live in the United States. He also explains that his good relationship with the mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm is what is allowing him to carry out the development of a mobile with 5G.

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If this is true, OnePlus would be one more manufacturer betting on the new network that will arrive in some regions next year. Companies like Samsung and Huawei they also work on it. Chip makers Qualcomm and Mediatek New chips with 5G support are also in development. 5G networks will give a great speed of up to 10 Gbps down. A few weeks ago the 5G mobile phone technology standard was approved, it seems that this new standard will arrive sooner than expected. It remains to wait for dates and more details.

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