OnePlus receives update for Bootloader and freezing issue

The OnePlus was launched less than a month ago and has already surpassed one million figures sold. However, not everything is good for the manufacturer, recently the OP6 you have had “performance” and security-related issues again. An update started arriving last week via OTA to OnePlus 6 phones but, after a few days a lot of users complained on the device forum about the problems they had with it. This update has been withdrawn by the company due to freezing problems, that is, it blocked the mobile and could not be used until a restart was performed.

An even more serious problem on the phone is related to the bootloader, which allowed total control of the phone with physical access, it is still possible to install ROMS, TWRP and ROOT without having the bootloader unlocked and still without having USB debugging enabled. The OnePlus 6 is already beginning to receive a new update that includes the solution to the bootloader security flaw. The failures were so annoying and urgent that the company stopped the update, this error has mainly been in India, it will go directly to the update 5.1.8 which is already in process and will arrive as soon as possible.

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It is not the first time that OnePlus has problems related to security, the company has experienced failures since its first device. The bootloader bug was revealed a few weeks ago. For some users it has been an opportunity to install modifications, in any case it is a serious risk and vulnerability that could be very dangerous.

Have you experienced any failure on your OnePlus 6 device?