OnePlus releases its apps on Google Play to offer faster updates

I think one of the biggest moves in the history of Android was the time when Google started taking a bunch of main system apps apart and adding them to Google Play (or Android Market at the time). Now we have OnePlus on Google Play with its Launcher, Weather, Gallery and Community applications.

This measure basically allows faster updates of OnePlus’ own applications, therefore reaching users faster. Many other manufacturers had already done the same with many of their own custom applications.

OnePlus on Google Play making its users happy

OnePlus has joined the trend of uploading its system applications to Google Play, as many other manufacturers have already done. It is a very good decision since there will be more updates to their own apps.

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OnePlus releases its apps on Google Play to offer faster updates

OnePlus if for something differs from the rest, it is by having a practically stock version of Android but with some subtle additions that complete the wonderful user experience. Oneplus thus manages to satisfy its loyal followers that it has garnered year after year in its short life.

Updating OnePlus on Google Play your applications get streamline OxygenOS updates and do it whenever they want. Avoid having to update only one app through a major system update. This saves time for more development no matter how little it requires.

What’s more, OnePlus has communicated that these applications are now available on Google Play for the OnePlus 5, 3 and 3T. The OnePlus X and OnePlus 2, unfortunately, are out of this initiative, and the OxygenOS apps will receive news as the devices receive new updates (if they receive any more after Android O).

You will find all OnePlus applications on Google Play from this link.