OnePlus will remove the headphone jack on the OnePlus 6T

October will be a very busy month for more than one smartphone manufacturer, the month has been chosen by several companies for the presentation of at least one smartphone, one of them OnePlus. Many users are waiting for the next model that OnePlus will announce before the end of the year, the OP6T prepares to be released on the 17th, however, more details about him are revealed with each passing day.

The co-founder of the OnePlus brand, Carl Pei, in an interview with TechRadar He confirmed in his own words that he would eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the new smartphone, “now is the right time to do without the headphone jack.” It has not directly commented that it is the OnePlus 6T but the previous leaks that we have seen confirm this.

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The sudden change in this decision is strange, due to the declaration of about a year ago. The Chinese manufacturer showed disagreement on Apple’s elimination of the Headphone jack, “this is one of those times where we respectfully show our disagreement with what it means to have value.” It might be thought that this is not relevant, but it is mentioned since it is a detail that must be taken into account when buying the device.

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Carl Pei, mentions the elimination of the headphone port as a way to “optimize the user experience” in the next device since eliminating it frees more space, with this could “add more new technologies in the product”, possibly to improve the battery. All this makes it clear that the next flagship will include an adapter that will plug into the USB Type-C port, in addition, it is rumored that they will be released headphones Bullets with this same entry for the device.

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Do you agree with the decision that the firm has just shared?