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Oscar 2021: Nomadland is the best film of the year

Oscar 2021: Nomadland is the best film of the year

Nomadland is the best film of 2021, as it won the coveted award and was the winner during the Oscars conference

As expected, the great protagonist of the awards ceremony for Oscar 2021 has been Nomadland from Chloé Zhao, which won the coveted award for best film.

The film is the second in the history of Academy to be awarded both the Oscar for Best Film and the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, previously exclusive to de The Shape of Water (2017) of Guillermo del Bull.

Furthermore, as if that weren’t enough, Chloé Zhao is the first Asian woman to be awarded the award for best director, an award that is added (in addition to the one for best film) to the award for best actress for Frances Mcdormand, former producer of the film.

On balance, After this latest edition of the Academy Awards, Frances McDormand can count four career awards: three were awarded as Best Actress (in 1996 for Fargo by the Coen Brothers, in 2017 for Three Posters in Ebbing, Missouri by Martin McDonagh and for Nomadland) and one as producer of Best Picture.

For the uninitiated, the story is a tale about the new American nomads, and sees the protagonist Fern begins a life on the road in his unstoppable van, after the unfortunate death of her husband and the loss of home and work. The journey takes her to know a world made up of people who – for one reason or another – have embarked on the path of nomadism, finding in it a life experience made of beauty and hope for the future.

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