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Outlaw King: The Outlaw King – Review of the new historical Netflix film

Outlaw King: The Outlaw King – Review of the new historical Netflix film

Outlaw King – The outlaw king arrived like a bolt from the blue: the latest Netflix effort turns out to be a film …

Outlaw King – The outlaw king arrived like a bolt from the blue: the last effort Netflix turns out to be an interesting film, a sequel not written but directed to the events already experienced years and years ago with a very young man Mel Gibson in the role of William Wallace in the historical Brave Heart. Today behind the camera we find David Mackenzie, fresh from **** or High Water and in front of the aforementioned machine, we find Christopher Whitelaw Pine, already protagonist of the latter film mentioned above. It’s time to go to Scotland.

The passing of time

We are in Scotland, Edoardo Plantageneto is on the throne of England and the rebel William Wallace has just been defeated at Falkirk. The nobles of Scotland meet in the presence of Edward and it is there that the highest ranking among the nobles, Robert Bruce, swears allegiance to the English crown. Although Robert is happy with the newfound peace, we see a veil of sadness in him: his gaze is that of a man terribly torn between the love for his country, the fear of a war that has already lasted for eight years and the ruin of his family. The feeling that exudes from Robert Bruce’s gestures and movements is that of a man in the balance, as if he were on the edge of a ravine undecided whether to jump or not. Two events shake the mind of the Scottish king: the death of his father and the barbaric murder of William Wallace, whom Robert has always admired. The death of the defender for freedom shakes everyone’s minds to the point that war is no longer an option but an obligation. We will not reveal anything else about the plot, we can only tell you that the film is perhaps too little for such well-described historical events, moreover the director himself recently stated that the first montage, lasting over four hours, could be edited in a mini series in how many characters have not been explored for reasons of time.

After Wallace, Robert Bruce

We can’t talk about Outlaw King – The Outlaw King, without mentioning Brave Heart: the historical events of the film Netflix they directly follow those of Mel Gibson’s film and are, as well as direct consequents, also direct descendants. The photographic and special effects work that the production has allowed to realize is impressive: the war is reproduced with a truly crazy fidelity, we do not hide from you that some scenes require a considerable stomach to bear them. In addition to the war, the fortresses and lands that are shown really let the viewer enter the Scottish world. A praise to the Robert Bruce of this production, played by Christopher Whitelaw Pine, really perfect for the role, to the point where the look says more than words for most of the film. In the film we find many co-stars, veterans from the best English productions such as Game of thronesfrom which they come Stephen Dillane (King Edward) e James Cosmo (Robert Bruce Senior who formerly was Campbell Senior in the Brave Heart movie). Robert Bruce was a very important man in history, well beyond the film; her deeds have changed the world to the point that her heirs will one day sit on the English throne: we are talking about King James, who succeeded Elizabeth after her death (we recommend the film Anonymous for further information); here Robert is faithfully transposed and, although there is an objective reinterpretation in a fictional key, the historical character exudes all the passion and strength that he should or that, at least, one imagines by reading his life and deeds.

For Scotland

Outlaw King – The outlaw king is a courageous film: on the one hand it respects the historical drama and the description that follows it, on the other hand it narrates and explores the thoughts and moods of characters not necessarily mentioned in historical texts: the entertainment is well concocted thanks to an excellent narration, which runs smoothly in 117 minutes. The realism of the scenes, the depth of the dialogues and the very evolution of the characters make this film a real must for fans of historical drama and a pleasant entertainment for those who appreciate comedies in period costume.