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PlayStation 5 is back available with bundles

PlayStation 5 is back available with bundles

Today, PlayStation 5 is back available at 15:30 thanks to bundles from a well-known retailer, which allow you to grab it.

PlayStation 5 is back in stock today at 3:30 pm. The console can in fact be coupled to additional gadgets with bundles from a well-known retailer, by accessing the page you find here and waiting for the now well-known queue.

With details that can be agreed in the shop, it is also possible bring back your PlayStation 4 to receive a somewhat substantial discount.

We don’t know how much the new stock will be purchasable, as this is obviously a new restock which may not be available for long, so it is a good idea to queue as soon as possible to have an extra chance of be able to pre-order PlayStation 5 and create gods custom bundles with also several items that can be purchased at a discounted price.

Despite the shortage of stocks, Sony’s flagship has really sold a lot, and the reports that emerged today are very promising. Find our complete in-depth information on this at the following link.

We are not only talking about placed cars, but also about a huge amount of titles already sold, while many others large productions are slowly making their way into the PlayStation 5 catalog. The latter will be enriched in a very short time also by the well-known roguelike Returnal, of which the launch trailer was published today.

Today there was also room to deepen – minimally – The Last of Us Part 3, which could also arrive on the console in the next few years. Indeed, Neil Druckmann seems to have in mind what the new chapter should be about.

Just a few days ago the president of Sony, Jim Ryan, spoke of the new PlayStation 5 stocks, which for the moment are still quite rare. The man also expressed himself on the future of cloud gaming according to the Japanese company, here is our complete analysis on the subject.

Have you already seen the latest news of the new update 21.01-03.10.00? You can find them all in our dedicated article, you can read it here. You can also find on this page all our articles about the console.