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PlayStation 5: will smartphones be the new controllers?

PlayStation 5: will smartphones be the new controllers?

A new Sony patent would suggest the possibility that smartphones can integrate more with PlayStation 5, replacing the pad of

According to what emerged in the last few hours, Sony would have published a patent examining thehuge potential of smartphones of the players, assuming that the latter can improve the gaming experience by being used as secondary screens and controllers on the current PlayStation 5 and future consoles of the Japanese giant.

After the recent patent that suggested the company’s plans to abandon once and for all the very concept of the gaming pad, exploiting passive and inanimate objects (in order to simplify the construction phase), it would seem that the Japanese giant’s attention is is now focused on smartphones.

If the company decides to carry on the ideas presented in the patent, it would be a further confirmation of what has been done in the past, given that already with PlayStation 4 Sony had allowed mobile devices to replace the DualShock 4 with the game series PlayLink (Knowledge is Power, Hidden Agenda, Tell me who you are and so on).

From lightning-fast quizzes to immersive multiplayer experiences, PlayLink titles are a social gaming masterpiece that engages all types of gamers. Insert a game into your PS4, use your smartphone or tablet as a controller, gather your friends around the TV and get ready for a whole new experience.

This follows many other patents recently filed by Sony, which introduce some truly jaw-dropping ideas, such as greater support for artificial intelligence (thereby making games even more accessible) or allowing viewers at eSports events to choose their own perspective. This document would mainly focus on discussing i systems that exploit the position of the smartphone in order to improve the in-game experience, thanks to a greater support and use of augmented reality.

Additionally, the paper analyzes the possibility of being able to control (through the use of the telephone) the game camera, allowing players to meticulously observe the surrounding environment from different angles. It would seem that with this patent Sony intends to further increase the immersion of its users, also given the enormous progress made thanks to the introduction of haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the DualSense from PlayStation 5.

Waiting to find out more news on the patent in question, and if the Japanese company decides to continue its studies to always introduce new features on its consoles, we point out that in the past few hours Sony has formalized that it is working on a new multiplayer IP together with the boys of Firewalk Studios.