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PlayStation Classic – Review of the new Sony mini console

PlayStation Classic – Review of the new Sony mini console

The videogame years from 2014 onwards will be remembered by future generations of gamers, as an era full of nostalgia and remakes, …

The videogame years from 2014 onwards will be remembered by future generations of gamers, as an era full of nostalgia and remakes, sometimes released with little success, sometimes with excellent results. After several consoles repurposed to modern users, it’s time for that Sony PlayStation Classic face its appearance and here is our review. No formalities, happy reading!

Open the box again

The Sony PlayStation Classic it is contained, just like the main Sony consoles, in a colorful box with logos and specifications on the content. Once opened we find a whitebox or if you prefer, a classic white cardboard box, which generally contains the console of the Japanese house and here, a difference from the classic white and anonymous boxes, we find the PS logo is engraved. Once the whitebox is unpacked, the PS Classic appears, a real jewel of technology which, given its very small size, makes it ideal for transport. Under the console we find the two joypads which, contrary to the classic version, are equipped with a USB socket, a video cable HDMI (makes us smile to think of ourselves over twenty years ago using old scart sockets to watch games), a mini cable USB for console power supply. There is no mini power supply but any mobile phone charger will solve the problem. The work on the design of the console was not who knows how complex, they limited themselves to reducing the size, making the open button on the right useless because, obviously, you will not have any micro CD to insert since the twenty games are preloaded on the console.

Technically now as then

From a technical point of view, once the console is started, we will hear the classic sound that was heard when the counterpart of ’94 was switched on: the logo will appear on the screen and we could choose the reference language. We will then enter a hub, which presents the games placed at the top with side scrollingwith a “circle” effect that is very reminiscent of the old demos that were given away with the console years ago, while, by pushing the arrow down, we find the console settings, the virtual memory card slot with its blocks and the capture gallery for any screenshots.

For the more hardware enthusiasts here are the specifications:

Inside there are twenty games to have fun with, although it should be specified that these games do not contain the Italian language even when the original version provided for it:

Choose your fighterlearn his moves and set foot in an amazing 3D fighting arena.

Get on the track and compete by performing daring stunts on the snowboard.

Get behind the wheel and reduce your opponents to scrap in a series of destructive events.

Save the world with Cloud Strife in one of the most iconic adventures of the Final Fantasy series.

Wreak havoc in three cities in the first chapter of the famous GTA series.

Test your problem solving skills in this classic PlayStation puzzle game.

Save the world from destruction in one of the first 3D platforming adventures.

Become Solid Snake in the first chapter of this popular stealth action series.

Trust your instincts and plan your moves as blocks start falling around the jackhammer-wielding hero.

Find an escape route in treacherous platforming levels and solve puzzles to give Abe freedom.

Join forces with a group of high school friends using entities Person to face evil demons in this addicting JRPG.

Lead the lovely and brave Rayman in exciting platforming adventures in a fantasy world.

Explore a zombie-infested mansion and monsters in this horror classic that defined a genre.

Guide for your team and outrun your rivals with thrilling drifting.

Match colored blocks to annihilate your opponents in a series of arcade-style puzzle battles.

Face your enemies with stealth, action and tactical planning on a mission to save the world.

Master the fighting styles of King, Kazuya, Jun and some of the greatest warriors in the series TEKKEN.

Plan your missionschoose your agents and use stealth and tactics to defeat enemy terrorists.

Get behind the wheel of heavily armed vehicles and enter the tournament Twisted Metal.

Explore a version Old West fantasy and wield powerful weapons in a unique and immersive JRPG.

Is it worth it or not?

Yes: it is absolutely worth sticking to our hyper-modern TV consoles that came out centuries ago! The reason is that often the games offered within the “mini” consoles have a double value, on the one hand they make you a child again in an instant, on the other hand they can fill the gaps of some players or simply form new ones, given that the amazement we felt with Tekken 3 or Rayman more than twenty years ago it remains the same even today if you look at it with the eyes of a child. Sony PlayStation Classic is a combination of modernity and elegance, perfect to be taken wherever there is a screen equipped with an HDMI port: its considerably smaller size compared to the original version allows it to be transported comfortably even with joypads which, although they have kept the same dimensions as they were in nineteen ninety-four, are now “pocket-sized” ”If compared, for example, to a very modern one Dualshock 4 from PlayStation 4.