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PlayStation Home: A new clue arrives from PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Home: A new clue arrives from PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios, through one of their wings, inadvertently provide us with a new clue on the possible return of PlayStation Home.

Raise your hand whoever remembers among you PlayStation Home, because apparently we have a new clue on his return directly from PlayStation Studios. If you want an idea of ​​how reliable the source is, you can hardly get closer to being official than a game included directly in the latest Sony console by default.

As you may have guessed, the source is none other than Asobi team, better known as the development team that gave birth to Astro’s Playroom. The platformer starring the robot Astro is known for being peppered with citations to the entire over twenty-year history of Sony on the gaming market.

Now that Team Asobi has become an integral part of PlayStation Studios officially, we once again have a clue about PlayStation Home to bring back. The source is the hawk eye of a Reddit user, who spotted on Team Asobi’s site a detail particularly unusual. This is no longer a question of quotationism.

In the post, in fact, Tweeterman287 alluded to a rumor about the possibility of redeeming objects for the deceased (our last chance to talk about it dates back to seven years ago!) PlayStation Home on PS5. These codes would not have proved effective, according to the rumor, and the alleged return of the integrated social app did not go beyond renewal of registered trademarks.

Team Asobi references PlayStation Home on their website via job page. from GamingLeaksAndRumours

Between renovations, Team Asobi has now launched its own website and has included a hint of the app on the recruiting page, where a robot is sitting in a small house that boasts the same shape as the historic logo. The comments highlighted the avalanche of winks to fans featured in Astro’s Playroom.

We clearly invite you to take everything as much as possible with pliers, especially in the absence of more official statements from Sony itself on what it intends to include in its console. We look forward to further news on the matter, and in case we will not fail to keep you updated.