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PlayStation Network: Services are offline on April 27th

PlayStation Network: Services are offline on April 27th

As confirmed by Sony’s official website, the PlayStation Network is currently experiencing problems, and it appears to be offline for many users.

Starting from 23 and 41 today, 27 April, some services of the PlayStation Network are offline for many users, issues have been found for all platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 And PS Life.

In most cases this is theinability to connect to servers, but it appears that i PlayStation Network offline issues also concern the various features of the branded stores Sony.

Like confirmed by the official website, currently for all the features of the network there are problems, we list them below.

As mentioned, Sony is aware of the problem and it will certainly solve the situation in the short term, also considering that it is not just a malfunction linked to our country.

The list unfortunately reminds us that the problems of the PlayStation Network offline it’s not just about games and the store, but also the playback of titles with the PlayStation Now cloud gaming, and the downloading of new PlayStation Video content.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, we take the opportunity to refer you to our article regarding Sony’s recent decision not to close the PlayStation Store, you can find it at the following link.

We will update you on the situation as soon as more information is released by the company, hoping it is news regarding the total resolution of the PlayStation Network problems.

Update: Sony has solved the situation and the services are now working properly.