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  7. PlayStation Plus: a photo anticipates the free games of July 2021

PlayStation Plus: a photo anticipates the free games of July 2021

PlayStation Plus: a photo anticipates the free games of July 2021

A leak on Reddit anticipates the arrival of some games with the PlayStation Plus subscription in July and they are quite important titles.

A little surprisingly a photo was leaked on the net and was immediately re-proposed on Reddit anticipating some of the games that will be released in July with the PlayStation Plus. Let’s talk about securities of a certain value such as WRC 9, Uncharted The Lost Legacy And A Plague Tale Innocence for PlayStation 5.

Obviously we are not sure that these are the titles that will actually be released next month and therefore we recommend that you take the news with a grain of salt, however if it were confirmed it would undoubtedly be very positive news for the subscribers in the service of Sony that they would find themselves with three rather interesting titles.

The source taken from the leak on Reddit had already announced some titles in the past that would then be officially confirmed by Sony, so there are concrete possibilities that this prediction is real. Unfortunately however, the image was quickly cleared and therefore at present we cannot confirm it with total certainty.

As already mentioned, however, the titles presented are very interesting, we are talking about products such as WRC 9, one of the most successful exponents of dirt racing video games that on PlayStation 5 showed his muscles with an impressive level of detail and during the analysis of our review left us pleasantly impressed.

Another game of great value is the spin-off, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, which will lead us to detach ourselves from the typical role of Nathan Drake and makes us live a new epic with Chloe Frazer. The adventures of The Lost Legacy they will therefore be part of a journey with a well-characterized unpublished protagonist who made this additional dlc of the fourth chapter, a real spin-off of the saga. As before we leave you to our review on the site for more information.

To close the trio, therefore, it seems that an independent title with great emotional potential will also arrive. Let’s talk about A Plague Tale Innocence, the story set in a dramatic Middle Ages plagued by plague rats and terrible wars and violence.

The game is a heart-pounding adventure in a distorted and violent world, corroded to its very foundations by wickedness of the men than from the blisters of the plague. A journey that despite some flaws has a lot to tell and that will surely make many Sony fans happy. Should the package be confirmed, players will have three new free games of great value with the July PlayStation Plus service.

Update: although there are still no official confirmations on the matter, it seems that the photo shown is not real, one more reason to take the reported with pliers.