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PlayStation Plus: announced the free games of May 2021

PlayStation Plus: announced the free games of May 2021

During the past few hours, downloadable games for PlayStation Plus subscribers have been officially announced in May 2021.

During the last few moments, free games have been announced for owners of PlayStation Plus of the month of May 2021. We remind you that it will be possible for users Sony download the titles only for a limited period of time (until the 31st of next month) and starting next May 4th.

Coming to the point, it seems that the Japanese giant has now taken the turn of giving each time 2 games to subscribers on PlayStation 4, and another exclusive title for users of the service who play on new generation consoles.

First of all we will have the opportunity to recover a very famous triple A work published by Electronic Arts in 2018: we are talking in particular about Battlefield V, a first person shooter set during the Second World War and able to put you in the shoes of soldiers of the time, which allow you to see the famous historical period with different eyes.

On the other hand, we have another survival title much appreciated by a certain category of players: Stranded Deep. Developed by the Australian studio Beam Team Games, it is an open world capable of putting the player to the test and challenging him to explore water and land to continue surviving on planet earth.

For PlayStation 5 users this month has been reserved instead Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last, a work based on full-contact racing with four-wheeled vehicles. Fans of old cars and demolitions will love it very much, with different modalities and a variety also regarding the models of the cars.

There had been a lot of rumors about it recently, with some leaker which also managed to spot what was announced today for the older generation consoles. In anticipation of the May 2021 titles, we invite you to catch up on this month’s free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as they will still be available for a short time!