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  7. PlayStation Presents ‘The Art Behind Detroit: Become Human’ Video

PlayStation Presents ‘The Art Behind Detroit: Become Human’ Video

PlayStation Presents ‘The Art Behind Detroit: Become Human’ Video

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) today presented the video ‘The art behind Detroit: Become Human‘, where the details of the artistic section of the expected science fiction thriller developed by the French studio Quantic Dream and exclusive for PlayStation 4 are shown

The main people in charge of the art of the video game reveal during the video some of the most important keys of this fundamental section in any video game. In this sense, they highlight the choice of the city of Detroit as the epicenter of this amazing story of androids and humans since, in the words of Quantic Dream, the combination of huge factories, abandoned urban environments and nature, have allowed graphic designers to have a really attractive source of inspiration.

On that basis of the real Detroit, the Quantic Dream team imagined what the city would be like in a future in which androids have reached a very high level of development and live regularly with humans, albeit as second-class citizens. Thus, Detroit: Become Human It presents a futuristic aspect that, far from imagining an unattainable reality in 2038, shows a credible advance in time and very close to what technology could achieve at that time; allowing players to quickly immerse themselves in the title and its story.

After more than four years of development and with a team of more than 180 people working, Detroit: Become Human It will be a reality on May 25, the date on which the video game will be launched in both digital and physical versions. Further, Detroit: Become Human It can now be reserved through PlayStation Store and includes as incentives: the original soundtrack of the game (different from Deluxe), a dynamic theme for PS4 set in the city of Detroit and early access to the title Heavy Rain from the same moment in that the reservation is made. The physical version, together with the different incentives, can already be reserved at the usual points of sale.