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PlayStation Studios: A graph shows how many and what they are

PlayStation Studios: A graph shows how many and what they are

A graph shows which and how many are the current PlayStation Studios and which projects they are currently working on, in a summary way.

If you’ve ever wondered how many and which first-party studios work with PlayStation Studios, an organization chart with all the developers appeared on the internet, along with collaborations. The entire work was done by the PlayStation Studios News account, which also collected all the latest news regarding projects currently in the works.

The various names and projects they have worked on or are currently working on are inserted into the chart, along with studios that are currently independent of Sonydespite some rumors that claimed otherwise. The precise number of creative studios directly acquired by Sony is 14, along with more than 10 other studios with which it collaborates.

The graph is very up-to-date, seeing Housemarque, the studio that developed Returnal, among the Sony ranks. Interesting too the part dedicated to rumors, with three projects currently underway, including a new Souls and even a hypothetical new Remedy title, which is currently also working on the spin-off of Control.

Plus the account also explains the absence of two studios, namely ForwardWorks and San Mateo Studios. The former was acquired directly by SIE, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and has no connection with PlayStation, while the latter has been integrated into XDEV.

💙 The structure of PlayStation Studios 💙 pic.twitter.com/jZX04O0nEF

– PlayStation Studios News (@PS_Studios_WW) July 13, 2021

This graph, as well as explaining exactly how many and what are the studies currently acquired by PlayStation Studios, provides a clearer and more accurate snapshot of all recent changes. In fact, in the last period the Japanese company has made many acquisitions, which we have summarized in this article.

Who knows what surprises the future awaits us, especially from the point of view of acquisitions and new projects. Although perhaps we shouldn’t have to wait very long as regards the return of a certain superhero, at least according to a photo published and then immediately deleted.