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PlayStation: the concepts of a 5G portable console emerge after PS Vita

PlayStation: the concepts of a 5G portable console emerge after PS Vita

In an alternative world, PlayStation would still have a portable console: the guys from LetsGoDigital hypothesize the “5G” platform.

There is strong doubt that Sony you return to show the confidence necessary to re-enter the market portable, but that didn’t stop the kids from LetsGoDigital to release convincing illustrations for a hypothetical PlayStation 5G. Of course, these are only fancy flights, given the absence of announcements by Sony itself on the matter.

However, so much effort in illustrating a possible successor to the ill-fated PSP and PS Vita deserved an honorable mention, and it is with pleasure that we have set up a gallery below in this article. The design leaves us daydreaming, merging a smartphone body with the unmistakable Sony controller layout.

Unfortunately, the marriage between PlayStation consoles and the market in which Nintendo has always thrived has been anything but idyllic. On the one hand, we have the great success of PSP dating back to 2004, which only had to contend with the monstrous competition from the Nintendo DS. At the expense of this, there was no shortage of exclusive content on Sony’s pocket console.

The result was the over eighty million of units flying off the shelves, straddling the niche and mass appeal. The dualism between the high cost of the hardware and the prices contained in the typical software of Sony did not take long to reappear with the first portable console, thanks also to the PSP Essentials series along the lines of the Platinum reissues.

Although ahead of the times, PS Vita did not have this luck. While beating the competition of the time in terms of hardware power and enjoying HDMI output support similar to what we saw today with Switch, the then already consolidated mobile gaming market made dedicated portable consoles (in general) almost redundant. .

This has unfortunately led to a lack of confidence on the part of Sony itself in its product, and therefore to a shortage of first-party exclusives. Later, the big third-party titles also disappeared. If it had turned out differently, perhaps we would be discussing the imminent release of this hypothetical console, and not the failure to close the Store on PS Vita and PS3.