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PlayStation VR 2: a patent anticipates the immersion of controllers?

PlayStation VR 2: a patent anticipates the immersion of controllers?

A patent relating to the controllers of the well-known PlayStation VR 2 shows us some possible features that these will offer for the user,

After the announcement of the PlayStation VR 2 and its relative launch window, Sony he also gave us a lot of details about the controllers, revealing them to the world with some photos and various details (we talked about them here). However, a new patent may have anticipated theimmersiveness of the aforementioned controllers.

The photos anticipate a design other than that shown to the public, where there are magnetic sensors to allow in-game finger tracking. This way players could actually move their hands around the various PlayStation VR 2 games, letting them really look like they are on the other side of the screen.

In this way, immersion would benefit particularly, with the hands themselves that could function as the actual buttons to press. As you can see from the photos at the bottom of the article, this time it is a glove-shaped controller, completely different from the “rings” that Sony has presented.

We would like to specify that it could be an idea subsequently rejected in favor of the forms of the PlayStation VR 2 controllers presented to the public, or perhaps a project related to something other than VR itself. However, whether it is patents that show really interesting peripherals, this is little but certain.

We still don’t know much about the new controllers already presented, which could, to be honest, provide finger tracking thanks to their shape, or collaborate with the PlayStation Camera for make the VR experience more immersive and bring players into the game like never before. We are confident that the Japanese manufacturer will offer us further details on the matter over the next few months.

Waiting for new official information on the PlayStation VR 2 and its controllers, we refer you to our article in which we talked about the new peripheral for PlayStation 5, explaining how this could overturn the outcomes of the VR market, you can find it at this link.