‘Poder Violeta’, the video game that seeks to raise awareness about sexual harassment in public transport

‘Violet Power’ can be downloaded through Google Play and the Apple Store.

Carlos Torres, professor and project director of the Universidad Javeriana, of ‘Violeta Power’, spoke in the microphones of La Nube about this video game that invites you to step into the shoes of women who face sexual harassment on a daily basis on public transportation.

“We are in ‘Poder Violeta 2’, the first one was very successful. In this new version you can choose three characters: school girl, office worker and girl from a punk band. The challenge is to get to a different point through TransMilenio and avoid bullies ”, he explained.

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He added that the main objective is for society to become aware of a problem that happens daily in the country.

“Our main objective is to educate. Become aware of a problem that we believe is not being talked about enough, “he said.

In addition, he pointed out that a video game helps the problem to have more scope, since from young people to older people can interact with ‘Violeta Power’ from mobile devices.