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Pokémon Unite: Blissey is coming, release date revealed

Pokémon Unite: Blissey is coming, release date revealed

Through a tweet it was announced the release date of Blissey on Pokémon Unite, the MOBA created by The Pokémon Company and Tencent.

News coming up on Pokémon Unite how many Blissey release date was revealed, a Supporter-type pokémon that will help your companions with healing or increasing the speed of basic attacks. This will be the 22nd playable character and will have a Unite Move capable of teleporting him close to an ally and protecting them from attack.

The news comes directly with a video on Twitter, available in this news, making it the second pokémon that is added post launch, after the arrival of Gardevoir last month. However, many fans are waiting for the arrival of Blastoise, announced some time ago and also present in the same tutorial of the game.

The update will then come next August 18th and will bring with it the new Supporter, together, perhaps, also with an update regarding a now famous bug concerning a particular pokémon. Gengar is currently unplayable and there seems to be no official update, although the company has confirmed that it is aware of the error.

The popular Pokémon MOBA came out last month and it seems unwilling to stop its wave of success, especially with the arrival of many new pokémon, some of which have already been announced previously. We currently have no information regarding future updates and additions but the results of a recent survey may determine future changes to the game.

Blissey is an egg-cellent Supporter Pokémon with moves that heal or increase basic attack speed! Its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, allows it to dash to an ally’s aid and protect that ally from attacks.

Bring your allies happiness with Blissey, coming 8/18 to #PokemonUNITE! pic.twitter.com/gI1moTmoUM

– Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) August 16, 2021

At the moment the title is only available on Nintendo Switch, with a mobile version scheduled for September, without a precise official date yet. On the other hand, the release date of Blissey on Pokémon Unite has been confirmed, which will arrive on August 18, presumably with the update scheduled for 9 in the morning, Italian time.

If you haven’t done it yet, you can read our review of the title, which introduces a completely new and interesting new way to use your pokémon, which is very different from the classic gameplay to which The Pokémon Company has accustomed us.