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Pokémon Unite: Gardevoir release date revealed

Pokémon Unite: Gardevoir release date revealed

Gardevoir officially arrives within Pokémon Unite, with an official release date recently unveiled from the official Twitter profile.

Pokémon Unite, the MOBA title currently available on Nintendo Switch, will soon see Gardevoir’s arrival, as confirmed by a tweet directly from the game’s official page. As also anticipated in June, this is the first of a series of pokémon that will arrive with the passage of time.

After the successful launch, and the arrival of a particular poll, the title goes to add a new character starting tomorrow 28 July, with a scheduled time of 9 in the morning, Italian time. Also revealed the role that this pokémon will play, adding to Pikachu, Venusaur and many others such as Ranged Attacker.

In the video distributed on the social profile, the various attacks available are shown, underlining how this new pokémon is able to attack very quickly, going to interrupt the opponents. At the moment the official statistics have not been distributed, but they will not be long in coming given the very close release date.

At the moment, no release date has been revealed for Blastoise, announced alongside Gardevoir and an additional mystery pokémon in June. Some leaks, some of which had anticipated even more functions, had also foreseen a particular look for Blastoise, dressed in a very elegant suit.

Attention, Trainers! Gardevoir is arriving to the shores of Aeos Island on July 28!

Keep your eyes open for when this Ranged Attacker steps into battle this Wednesday! #PokemonUNITE pic.twitter.com/3eurxLvZH5

– Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) July 27, 2021

The third generation Psychic / Fairy pokémon will arrive then starting at 9 tomorrow morning inside the game, Italian time, even if an official time has not yet been confirmed. It is not yet clear if there will also be new skins for Gardevoir or if we will still have to wait for a further update, perhaps for the end of the summer and coinciding with the arrival of MOBA on mobile.

All ready then to be able to include Gardevoir in your team on Pokémon Unite, so you can compare yourself with other players online and climb the rankings. The free-to-play title is already available on Nintendo consoles, with a mobile arrival scheduled for the end of the summer.