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Pokémon Unite – Guide on how to play 60fps on Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Unite – Guide on how to play 60fps on Nintendo Switch

Let’s find out in this guide dedicated to the new MOBA Pokémon Unite how it is possible to play 60 fps on Nintendo Switch instead of the usual 30.

Some players who have started playing Pokémon Unite will have noticed that the title is not particularly smooth on Nintendo Switch, since it basically comes with a gameplay that goes to 30 frames to the second, and in this one guide we want to explain how to easily bring it to 60 fps.

We recently talked to you about how it is possible to change the language in Pokémon Unite in our dedicated guide, which you can find at this link.

Here is the guide to playing Pokémon Unite at 60 fps on Nintendo Switch

Fortunately, despite the result may disappoint some, the hardware of Nintendo’s flagship is powerful enough to run Pokémon Unite at 60 fps, but a procedure must be followed to enable the feature through the settings. In the initial menu press X, and navigate between the icons on the left until you reach “Settings“. Once you enter you will already be in the first item, the right one, “System Settings”And moving to the right you will have to ignore the message and set the framerate to high.

As the system will also specify, the title is not yet to withstand the load in all situations, and in the most excited moments the frames could drop dramatically, as you will notice thanks to the counter present in-game. So choose this option only if you prefer an almost always better result, but in certain fluctuating situations.

We hope that with the next updates of Pokémon Unite the developer will do what he can to improve functionality and make it the standard. It was recently announced that the next update will bring Gardevoir in-game as a new Pokémon, we talked about it in the article you find at this link.

Before leaving, we refer you to our game page dedicated to Pokémon Unite, you can access it simply by pressing here, where you can find all our content about the title available for Nintendo Switch and coming to mobile.