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Pokémon Unite – Guide to get new Pokèmon


Pokémon Unite – Guide to get new Pokèmon

Here is the guide on how you can get the various pokémon available in Pokémon Unite and then be able to use them in the game in total freedom.

Thanks to the collaboration of The Pokémon Company And Tencent Games, the world of pocket monsters has added a new genre to its video game “roster”, that of moba. Pokémon Unite in fact it was a big news for the Japanese company, and we must say that it has been very successful all over the world, but how can you get the various pokémon present in the game? With this guide we want to explain how to get new Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so that you can use them in the game.

Here is the guide to get new pokémon in Pokémon Unite

To have new pokémon there are basically 3 different methods that you can use:

This concludes our guide to get new pokémon within Pokémon Unite, if you are also interested in other guides about the new moba of The Pokémon Company we advise you to continue reading our articles, such as our guide to passive, active and upgrade items.