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Pokémon Unite: here are the Pokémon available at launch

Pokémon Unite: here are the Pokémon available at launch

There will be 23 pokémon with which we will be able to play at the launch of the awaited MOBA Pokémon Unite; let’s take a look at the pocket monsters roster.

Missing less and less at the exit of Pokémon Unite, the new entry of the beloved franchise by TiMi in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, and in the meantime we have confirmation of the amount of pocket monsters with which we can play at the launch of the free to play MOBA.

If before the list consisted of 19 creatures, now thanks to the user SciresM we have the reconstruction of the probable complete list following a network test and it would seem that at the time of launch we will have the opportunity to play with 23 pokémon from different generations.

Although we do not have an official release date yet, the arrival of the MOBA free to play title is scheduled for July on Nintendo Switch and on mobile Android And iOS. Therefore, unless further information is forthcoming, the initial Pokémon Unite roster at launch will consist of:

According to the reconstructions of SciresM, should they be confirmed, within the title we will have the possibility of customize our pokémon through different skins with which to give them an outfit with human references, a bit like it happened in the anime and in some other titles of the franchise Nintendo.

In his tweet we see how we will get the chance to dressing up our travel companions with clothing ranging from a top hat to jackets, through diving masks or summer clothing such as shirts or flower necklaces up to swimsuits complete with an inflatable donut.

Pokémon Unite will bring pocket monsters to the world of MOBAs with a new style of strategic fighting: players will have the opportunity to clash in 5 vs 5 team fights and the collaboration between users will also serve to capture, level up and make evolve your pokémon by scoring more points than the opposing team within the designated time.