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Porsche 911 991 GT3 vs 992 GT3: Which is better?

The new Porsche 911 GT3 does more than simply differentiate itself from its previous counterpart.

Needless to say, the new Porsche 911 GT3 is very different from its predecessor, at least in Porsche 911 terms, but there are many more differences than looks between these two cars. When you talk about the Porsche 911 992 GT3 versus the 991 GT3, you’re talking about two incredible performance cars that represent the absolute pinnacle of what Porsche is capable of. While the Porsche 991 GT3 was and is an incredibly capable car, Porsche has taken every opportunity possible to make improvements and optimize the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3. Here, we’ve broken down the differences between the two cars to show how much the 922 GT3 has changed.

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When comparing the 992 to the 991 GT3, it is important to note that the 992 GT3’s engine boasts a 9 horsepower increase over its 991 counterpart. The 493 horsepower produced by the 991 GT3 is an incredibly impressive figure. , but the 992 GT3 squeezes all the power it can out of the engine, producing a massive 502 horsepower. Both cars are powered by a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine, however, the new 911 GT3 engine is more closely related to the 911 GT3 Cup. One interesting change is that the new 911 GT3 does not have access to the engine compartment. When you pull the lever to release what you think is access to the engine, all you get is access to add fluids. This is because the engine has been placed so low and deep in the car that even if you have access to the engine bay, you won’t be able to reach anything. For some, that could be a downside of the new 911 GT3.

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Wheels, tires and brakes

While the body shapes of the 991 and 992 Porsche 911 GT3 may look similar, one of the important differences between the two is the fact that the 992 GT3 has a much wider body. This change allowed Porsche to make significant improvements to the wheels, tires and brakes for better performance on the track. For starters, the 992 GT3 is the first to feature staggered wheel sizes. You’ll notice that while the front wheels of the car are 20 inches, the rear wheels are 21 inches, which means better contact with the road for the rear wheels, which are the driving wheels, and better acceleration. Tires play an even bigger role, as the wider body meant Porsche could fit Michelin PilotSport Cup 2 R tires on the new GT3, which are motorsports tires on a road-legal car. Having those larger wheels and tires also opens the door to larger brakes. The new GT3 has incredible 16-inch 6-piston front brake discs, while the rears have 15-inch 4-piston discs. Due to the wider body of the 992 GT3 compared to the 991, the 991 was unfortunately unable to benefit from these bonuses.

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The suspension also offers benefits to the 992 GT3 that allow it to be faster, as the 992 GT3’s suspension features, for the first time, a double wishbone setup at the front, a multi-link rear axle and adjustable for racing. Rear-wheel steering for high-speed stability and tighter low-speed cornering is inherited from the 991 and improved, using road-tuned suspension for the 992 GT3 from the 911 RSR and 911 GT3 Cup cars, resulting in The result is a car that easily dominates the track and the road.

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With a new 911 comes a new interior, and that means one of the biggest changes there has been between the 991 GT3 and the 992 GT3. Unlike the 991 GT3, the 992 GT3 debuted with an available manual transmission and PDK transmission. Until 991.2, only PDK was available for the 991 GT3. However, if you get the PDK transmission in the 992, you won’t miss the sporty feel of the manual, as the shifter is adapted from the manual and looks exactly the same, except, of course, you’re driving an automatic transmission. . An interesting feature of the 992 GT3 is that it introduces a ‘Track Display’ into the dashboard. When Track driving mode is selected, extraneous information on the dashboard screens literally disappears, leaving you with only the information you need for the race, such as the temperature, tachometer and speedometer. While both cars have stunning interiors, the dedication to performance goes even further in the 992, with thinner carpet in the rear compartment and more modern equipment thanks to a more modern 911.

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All of these improvements, and more, result in a faster and, in many ways, better Porsche 911 GT3 between the 991 and 992 generations. The 911 GT3’s aggressive aero kit introduced the largest diffuser to date on the 911 GT3 and Optimized airflow throughout the car. . An easily noticeable detail about the new GT3 is the car’s unusual rear spoiler. Porsche calls this the “gooseneck wing”, and by mounting the spoiler from the top rather than the bottom, the surface area at the bottom of the spoiler can be maximized, helping to generate more downforce. . In fact, compared to its predecessor, the Porsche 911 GT3 is capable of achieving up to 150% more downforce, which translates into better handling, wherever you drive the GT3. The spoiler is adjustable and allows the driver to configure it for road or track use. However, Porsche has also taken into account the possible disadvantages of the aerodynamic kit. Available for the new Porsche 911 GT3, a front axle lift system that raises the car when it needs to negotiate steep roads or other bumps, which is also linked to the GPS system so the car remembers what to do when faced with an obstacle familiar. Porsche has gone to the ends of the earth to reduce the weight of the new GT3, from the carbon fiber roof and hood to the lightweight glass. Therefore, despite being a larger and more powerful car, the new 992 Porsche 911 GT3 manages to weigh a similar weight to the 991 GT3, being a larger and more powerful car. Track performance is where it really shines, because just when Porsche fans thought it couldn’t get any better than it was, the 991 GT3 was eclipsed by the 992 GT3 in the 17-second Nürburgring, an incredible amount, especially considering that this is a new generation of an existing car compared to its predecessor. And not only did he do it, he eclipsed 7 minutes. Both the Porsche 991 GT3 and Porsche 992 GT3 are incredible cars, but the new generation shows a noticeable improvement.

992 Porsche 911 GT3 Specifications Power: 502 hp Torque: 346 lb-ft 0-60 mph: 3.2 s1/4 mile: 10.9 at 129 mph / 4 miles: 11.7 at 126 mph

Source: Porsche

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