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Portaltic.-Lenovo launches the first PC with a foldable screen, ThinkPad X1 Fold

MADRID, September 29 (Portaltic / EP) –

Lenovo has expanded its portfolio of professional laptops with new ThinkPad and ThinBook models, including the launch of the ThinkPad 5G module.

The ThinkPad , oriented towards remote, office and hybrid work.

This equipment, with a 13.3-inch flexible screen in OLED material and 2K resolution, was announced last year by Lenovo. X1 Fold is powered by Intel Core Processors, powered by Intel Hybrid Technology, and is part of Intel’s Project Athena certification program.

Starting this Tuesday it is now possible to order the ThinkPad X1 Fold and also its optional accessories, such as the Mini Fold Bluetooth keyboard, which can be stored and charged wirelessly within the system; he Lenovo Pen Mod, so that users can take notes or sign legal documents; and the Lenovo easel stand, for vertical or horizontal desktop placement.



Lenovo has accompanied the launch of its new flexible laptop with the arrival of other professional computers such as the ultralight ThinkPad X1 Nano, a device that weighs only 907 grams.

ThinkPad X1 Nano is the first in its family to feature the Intel Evo platform and with 11th generation Intel Core i7 Processors. It makes use of a 13-inch narrow-bezel 2K display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, four 360-degree speakers and four microphones, plus Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

It supports WiFi 6 wireless connectivity, but also has a 5G option, and its specifications are completed with voice recognition and human presence detection. ThinkPad X1 Nano will be available early next year, starting at 2,099 euros.


Additionally, Lenovo has expanded its ThinkBook family computer portfolio with the launch of the second generation of 13-, 14-, and 15-inch ThinkBook Laptops, with six new PCs arriving alongside new 27-inch ThinkVision T27hv-20 monitors.

Among the devices, the ThinkBook 13s Gen 2 i stands out, with a 13.3-inch screen that occupies 90 percent of the front ports and Thunderbolt 4. This model will be available early next year, starting at 899 euros with chips Intel and 849 euros with AMD.

Another model in the family is the new ThinkBook 14s Yoga i, synchronizable with the Smart Pen stylus and with processors up to 11th generation Intel Core, as well as Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C ports. It will be available at the beginning of next year, starting at 1,199 euros.

The second generation is also completed by the 15-inch ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 i model, which includes the integrated ThinkBook wireless headphones, which can be stored in the laptop. Flexible storage options include a combination of hard drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD), dual SSD, or single SSD paired with ThinkBook integrated headphones.

This laptop will be available early next year, starting at 799 euros with Intel processors and 749 euros in the case of AMD chips.

Other models are also added to the range, such as ThinkBook 15p -with NVIDIA GTX 1650T graphics-, ThinkBook 15 AMD -with AMD Ryzen 4000 chips-, ThinkBook 14 Gen 2 -14 inches-, ThinkBook 14s Gen 2 -a lighter model than the previous one -, and the new ThinkPad E14 and E15 Gen 2 – with 11th generation Intel Core processors and features compatible with previous versions of ThinkPad -.

Likewise, Think Vision T27hv-20, the 27-inch display, features a 1080p IR/RGB webcam, noise-canceling microphones, and built-in speakers. It will be available at the beginning of next year, from 459 euros.

Finally, the company has also introduced Lenovo Device Intelligence, a cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’ offering capable of not only diagnosing PC problems but also predicting potential system failures before they occur.

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