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Project xCloud is now compatible with iOS, albeit with restrictions

In recent times we do not stop repeating over and over again that the way we play is changing. And we refer not only to the fact that more and more mobile video game titles have a greater number of users; streaming platforms they have come to stay and we have more and more alternatives. Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now or Project xCloud are only the first, but surely more will come.

The competition to take the cat of video games in streaming to the water is fierce

As in the world of streaming audiovisual content, with companies such as Netflix, HBO and Prime Video, among others, in the video game sector the competition is fierce. That is why the different platforms must walk as fast as possible to get ahead of the competition, at a time when this way of understanding gaming is just beginning.

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In this sense, Project xCloud seems to be taking a slight advantage over the others, and it does so thanks to including compatibility of your service with iOS. As we well know, the Apple ecosystem tends to put a lot of obstacles in terms of including services of this type. And perhaps that is why a story like this acquires such relevance.

Project xCloud is now compatible with iOS, albeit with restrictions

Project xCloud has been with us for a few months now, although not yet definitively

Project xCloud was unveiled a few months ago and will make 2020 its launch year, in the same way as Stadia or GeForce Now. So we are already seeing how they begin to add more functions and services on the different platforms. Functions like the one we are echoing today. Although, yes, it has some limitations.

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And is that compatibility with iOS devices is limited to a few countries (specifically, Canada, UK and the United States) and a small number of users. In addition, it is only possible to test a video game at the moment, contrary to what happens with Android, where the service is more developed. But at least we attend a first step of approach between Project xCloud and iOS, which makes us think that in the future all aspects that still need to be polished will be improved.

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