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Project xCloud will be compatible with more than 3,500 Xbox games

Video game streaming services are coming. Microsoft is one of the brands that has long been interested in taking the gaming experience to another level. A few months ago he gave us a preview of what his new cloud-based gaming project will be. Project xCloud It is a great bet for the future and we have already been able to know some of its main novelties. Microsoft is working with developers to make sure the games work and are fully enhanced on the new service. Now, Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of cloud gaming, has given new details about the platform.

Microsoft has spoken again about its new streaming video game platform. During the last Microsoft conference it was revealed that Project xCloud will be compatible with a large number of Xbox games. The hardware of the platform is similar to that of the Xbox consoles and they claim that it will be more than enough to run more than 3500 titles without the need to adapt any configuration to work via streaming.

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Large video game companies such as Capcom and Paradox Interactive They have already confirmed that they are working on Project xCloud. “Developers continue to work on their video games normally, creating them with the tools they already have while we work to make their games accessible to as many players as possible,” says Microsoft.

According to the company, Project xCloud is already being integrated into different parts of Microsoft Azure and the most important locations have already been chosen for the initial launch of the service: North America, Asia and Europe. It should be clarified that these will not be the only regions, but they will be the first to have access.

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