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PS4 dominated North American console sales in 2015

PS4 dominated North American console sales in 2015

As with games, consoles also enjoyed an incredible sales year in 2015 within North America. However, and after being able to observe their performance over the months, it is more than obvious to appreciate that the PS4 it was simply the system that monopolized sales, to the point that it became the best-selling platform in the region during the year.

Let’s go by parts. During the month of December the PS4 returned to position itself as the most traded console of the month, even above the Xbox One. While exact numbers have not been released, thanks to Sony’s latest statement on its worldwide holiday sales (5.7 million units), we could realize the number of systems that were traded in the region.

In this way, the PS4 would have monopolized the sales of the two most important months of the year, November and December. Likewise, and if we turn to see its performance throughout the year, we can see that the console remained in the first position for almost the entire year except for the months of April and October, which gave way to Xbox One. However, that has not been an impediment to say that, in general, the Sony platform became the best-selling in 2015.

As additional information, it is worth mentioning that, after more than 26 months for sale, both the Xbox One As the PS4 add up to more systems sold than those PS3 and the Xbox 360 registered in the same period of time up to 47%.

And you, did you also buy a PS4 during December?

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