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Quantum League: interview with Nimble Giant about the present and future of the game

Quantum League: interview with Nimble Giant about the present and future of the game

Let’s find out more about Quantum League with an official interview with the developers of the shooter, Nimble Giant Entertainment.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the developers of Quantum League, the team of Nimble Giant Entertainment, and we are here to offer you the whole written interview. The shooter recently arrived on Steam (our review at this link) also designed to debut on consoles, offers a truly original system, which can undoubtedly be deepened.

We therefore took the opportunity to ask the development team a few questions, so here are the answers by Andres Chilkowski, Chief Communication Officer of Nimble Giant who was able to answer our curiosities about Quantum League.

Do you consider all players who use a controller in Quantum League games to be at a disadvantage? Regarding this, are you planning to introduce Cross-play between PC and console?

When it comes to controllers versus mouse and keyboard, it’s often a question of comfort, as well as accessibility. With the improved controller support introduced in recent updates, we think it’s even been an improvement for some players who aren’t comfortable playing with a mouse and keyboard, and can now choose between the two. As 2020 has developed, several postponements have arrived, especially with regard to console ports. Due to these circumstances, there are a couple of things to fix that are not well fixed, Cross-play being one of them.

Collaborating with QLC, how do you plan to create eSports? What can players expect?

The eSports scene cannot be forced or created without an interest in the first place. We are truly fortunate to have such eager players organized as the QLC events, which will start soon in the second season of their league. We try to support them as we can by adding to their prize pool, and helping them spread the word.

How will you handle game support? Do you think it was born to reach a point of stability, encouraging competition, or do you plan to develop new weapons and content?

Our transition from Early Access to release is a great achievement. In this first stage, we want to focus on analyzing how the game will work for new community members before making any decisions on how to move forward in adding content.

Considering how extremely original Quantum League is when compared to other multiplayer FPS, what kind of players do you think should try it?

At its core, Quantum League is a very competitive game. We therefore encourage those who are comfortable in fast games who want to challenge their limits to try the game. At the same time, we also think that all players, who love or hate FPS, should try Quantum League, as it is truly innovative in the genre and differs from the classic FPS experiences.

At launch, do you find the Quantum League experience to be solid or do you plan to have some major fixes coming in the coming weeks?

In view of the arrival of new content to the game, the patches and updates that brought the title to the release have focused on smoothing the experience and bringing it into its best possible shape. As always new patches may introduce further issues and there will always be room for improvement, so we will actively continue to keep an eye on reports and feedback in our community after launch.