Quickie: Live Videos Shared on Instagram

Headphones to listen to music under water, what’s new in WhatsApp and more at # QuickieTecnológico.

Find out about the most important news from the world of technology This week:

At number five: The new world record for SeungBeom Cho, a 23-year-old South Korean, who assembled a Rubik’s cube in just 4.59 seconds in the middle of an event that took place in the United States.

In number four: The new Facebook update that will allow viewing videos on Ultra-High-Definition Television, better known as 4K.

At number three: Sony Walkman sports headphones that are water resistant and can stay at a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes.

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In number two: Instagram activated for all its users the possibility of making shared live videos. To do so, you just have to choose the streaming option and invite the contact with whom you want to share the screen.

At number one: Finally, and after months of testing, WhatsApp activated the option that allows users to delete messages already sent and to disappear both from their chat and from the person to whom they were sent. Keep in mind that for the option to work, those involved must have the most recent version of the app and will only have seven minutes, after they are sent, to delete them.

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This is this week’s Tech Quickie: