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REKT High Octane Stunts – Review, a leap into the past

REKT High Octane Stunts – Review, a leap into the past

REKT High Octane Stunts showed itself in reviews as a nostalgic and fun title, but with some actual shortcomings.

REKT High Octane Stunts is an independent title that in the seat of review has partly succeeded in make us go back to our childhood. A game that does not claim to be a masterpiece of technique and the presence of high-quality content, but rather tries to make players become small again with racing toy cars and many stunts, where the only real goal will be to have fun. The final result of this production – which we tested on Xbox One – is quite good despite some very evident limits, similar to those already found in the PC version.

Aboard loads of Octane!

In this review, the gameplay by REKT High Octane Stunts, he presented himself rather immediate and easy to understand but at the same time quite complex from master fully. At our disposal we will initially have only one toy car (octane) to control with a view that is very reminiscent of games such as Rocket League with the difference that we will have to perform stunts in various arenas, rather than football matches. In Rekt we will therefore be able to perform various reckless moves passing through platforms, death circles, tunnels and more, trying to get the maximum score by time limit.

In the title there is essentially only one great rule: whatever happens, after a jump you must always land at least on one wheel or you will have a “Rekt!”, with the instant loss of all points earned and not saved in the combo. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to understand that i jumps and the in-flight moves are there more incentivized component from the game, but also the riskiest. Despite this, it is still possible to get some small bonuses by drifting and breaking box walls, but these elements are more of a useful system to keep the game running. score multiplier than to get great results. These steps are in fact great for keeping the multiplier active for the greatest amount of time possible while you are preparing to take the run for a new jump.

As already specified, therefore, there is a score multiplication system that mainly depends on the number of stunts repeated in sequence without to make mistakes. This element pushes the player to perform choices during the execution of more dangerous moves. Sometimes it is better to take a few moments of pause and walk meters without making any points e consequently lose the multiplier, thus making sure you get the hard-earned score, rather than keep making new moves and risking a Rekt! that would cancel instantly all unsaved progress.

The ground control system of the toy car is reminiscent in some ways those of most titles of arcade guide. The two left and right triggers are used to accelerate and brake, a button for the turbo, and the levers to orient the toy car. In flight the situation changes slightly because it will be necessary to move the right analog stick to decide the inclination of the car and the (A) button on Xbox One to stabilize the car and bring it slightly in axis, so as to obtain more agile landings. The system therefore proved to be good and sufficiently simple but at the same time demanding to the point of making the driving system relatively pleasant.

The main objective of the player in REKT! High Octane Stunts is therefore perform stunts as a stuntman and get the maximum score in the set time limit. By gaining experience and points for each move it will also be possible to progressively unlock further 50 toy cars, each with various peculiar characteristics. To try to increase the variety of the challenge they have also been entered by the developers of secondary objectives which require some completion requirements and which also allow you to obtain one currency useful for unlocking new arenas and cosmetic items.

Unfortunately, it is in this context that one of the most significant defects of production, namely the paucity from the secondary activities available. Often either too simple or excessively complex and above all they tend to repeat themselves over and over again. It therefore happens that in just three hours of play you can complete the same mission in some numerical variant, at least one ten times. As previously mentioned, the currency gained by completing side missions is quite important to the game economy. In fact, thanks to the tokens obtained it is possible buy new arenas, of increasing difficulty, buy aesthetic objects like modified wheels and ailerons, and even to change some statistics for our machines.

The car upgrade system is not mandatory to get good scores, as it will be more and more important the player’s skill to make effective jumps and landings, but it can certainly make it easier to manage cars in curves or push them with greater force and speed towards the jumps. In mentioning the enhancement system, we must also clarify that each car has a together from statistics which belong to the their role. For example, vans are particularly heavy and slow but can turn much easier than faster but also unmanageable racing cars. In fact, the fastest vehicles can easily cover great distances in moments and provide enough momentum to keep the machines flying for longer. This, however, at the price of less maneuverability even in the air which can easily lead to making dangerous mistakes. The physical model, how long absolutely arcade, however, is sufficiently curated for a title of this kind.

However, as previously mentioned, the main flaw that emerged in the review for REKT High Octane Stunts is the little variety of situations that the title can offer, and which could easily lead to boredom after a few hours in-game. Let’s be clear, we don’t want to question the amount of contents, with approx 50 machines And 5 tracks, but it is there quality to be fluctuating. Above all because to enjoy the title to the fullest it is necessary to exploit the aforementioned secondary missions in an extremely extensive way, consequently increasing the background repetitiveness, similar to that already observed for the PC version. Fortunately, it is possible to share the experience with other players in the competitive split-screen mode, which can offer a certain degree of fun among friends.

REKT! High Octane Stunts and its budget graphics

On the purely technical side, the Xbox One X version of REKT! High Octane Stunts has proven itself fully sufficient, though not excellent. It must be said, however, that we are talking about a small indie production and that it is sold at a budget price. Consequently the technical quality is pleasant And colored, definitely suited to the style of the game. We are absolutely not at the levels of the aforementioned Rocket League, but given the aforementioned limited budget on which the developers have been able to rely, we do not believe the “limited” technical qualities of the product are to be overly condemned. The visualization of the damages suffered by the cars in case of impact and ruinous falls is also discreet, even if they have a purely aesthetic function. Pleasant Even the music, with pieces that at times seem to recall the 90s and that recall a lot of nostalgia.