Researchers from the United States discovered a new continent

The planet Earth would have a new continent, according to research by American scientists.

The Geological Society of the United States (GSA) published a study in which it reveals the existence of a new continent to the south of the Pacific.

It is an area of ​​more than five million square kilometers submerged, the highest point of which is New Zealand,

as published by the BBC network.

The researchers christened this new continent as Zealandia and noted that its area exceeds five million square kilometers, the equivalent of two-thirds of Australia.

However, about 94% are underwater, except for a few islands and three major land masses: North and South Islands of New Zealand and New Caledonia.

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GSA experts argued that the criteria for applying for Zealandia as a continent are: the elevation above the surrounding area, a distinctive geology, a well-defined area, and a crust thicker than that of the surrounding soil.

It is worth mentioning that new studies will be necessary to confirm the findings. so that Zealandia is considered the sixth continent on the planet.