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Resident Evil 2 Remake – Guide to infinite ammo, rocket launcher and combat knife

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Guide to infinite ammo, rocket launcher and combat knife

In Resident Evil 2 Remake it is possible to unlock the infinite ammo, the infinite rocket launcher and the …

In Resident Evil 2 Remake you can unlock the unlimited ammothe infinite rocket launcher and the combat knifeInfinity” satisfying certain conditions imposed by Capcom.

In total, in Resident Evil 2 Remake they are present well 11 weaponsbut only three of them can unlock infinite ammoas well as the rocket launcher and survival knife.

Infinite ammo for the LE-5 miter pistol

Unlocking infinite ammo for this weapon is quite a challenging task; in fact, the game must be completed in less than 2 and a half hours in Hardcore difficulty with an “S” rating. There is no other way than this. Good luck!

Infinite ammo for the Samurai Edge Pistol

Here the situation becomes less demanding, compared to the rather strict demands for the LE-5. To unlock the infinite ammunition of the Samurai Edge pistol, in fact, it will be enough to complete the game in less than 3 and a half hours, in Standard difficulty, with an “S” rating. Not an easy task, but definitely more reasonable.

Infinite Combat Knife

The task to complete to have a wonderful combat knife that will not be nicked even by a bomb is really very simple: you have to find and destroy all 15 Mr Raccoons toys scattered around the game world. So keep your eyes open and don’t miss one!

Infinite ammo for the ATM-4 Rocket Launcher

To get infinite ammo for Resident Evil 2 Remake’s super powerful ATM-4 Rocket Launcher, you have to play Leon (A or B) on the “Hardcore” difficulty setting, earning an “S +” rating. To get it, you cannot perform more than 3 manual rescues, you cannot use weapons with infinite ammo and you will have to complete the adventure in less than 2 hours!

Infinite ammo for the Minigun

Take on the role of Claire (A or B) and complete the Campaign with an “S +” rating in less than 2 hours, with a maximum of 3 manual saves and without using any weapon with infinite ammo.

Tips for obtaining the “S” rating

Resident Evil 2 Remake assigns an “S” rating to only the most skilled players. Concentrate, therefore, and remember to avoid damage at all costs, using the minimum amount of ammunition, in order to keep bullets and medicinal herbs only for the fights with the Bosses.

Among the fundamental aspects to keep in mind in order to reach the “S” rating, the stopwatch! It is necessary to complete the mission within the allotted time. If you find that you have lost too many precious minutes, it is useless to continue: restart and be faster than lightning in the new run!

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