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Resident Evil 3 – All Mr. Charlie location guide

Resident Evil 3 – All Mr. Charlie location guide

Here is our guide dedicated to Mr. Charlie present in Resident Evil 3, a new title developed at Capcom.

In the new Resident Evil 3of which you can find our review at the following link, in a very similar way to the predecessor, there will be the figurines of Mr. Charlie waiting for someone to destroy them, now a branded tradition Capcom. Obviously this someone is you, once you are all broken you will get a useful trophy if you want to platinum the game. Some of these mascots will be clearly visible, others hidden in a masterly way. This is why we thought that a guide would be useful for you, so as not to get stuck on this “mission” of Resident Evil 3 for too long.

We remind you that this guide contains SPOILERS about the history and evolution of the events, therefore continue reading carefully, or only if you have finished the game.

Here is the list of Mr. Charlie:

  1. Railway station: arrived on the stairs, throw an eye between two binders.
  2. Diner: in the main room, you will notice one on the shelf after the counter.
  3. Metro Offices: look under the desk.
  4. Room above the ********: search among the boxes
  5. Substation: on a corner cabinet after entering the generator building
  6. Toy shop: you will find Mr. Charlie camouflaged among the Mega Man statues
  7. Sewers: in the trash after killing the first Hunter Gamma (located after the bars, right side)
  8. Sewers: climbing the stairs, halfway up (you have to turn around to see it)
  9. Home: on your way back to the station, you will find a statue on the cabinet as you enter the house
  10. PD: search between the red plant and the bullets in the starting area of ​​the mission with Carlos
  11. PD: In the locker room, look for the cabinet at the far left
  12. Metropolitan Galleries: to the right of the bed area
  13. Clock Square: to the right of the green truck located always on the right of the two stone lions
  14. Hospital: in the first room, on the stretcher on the left
  15. Hospital: on the terrace to the right of the door
  16. Hospital: infirmary, in the corner of the room
  17. Hospital (Jill): on the forklift before taking the elevator to leave
  18. Underground Structure: on a shelf when searching for fuses
  19. NEST 2: after taking the USB stick, on a balcony on the left (corner)
  20. NEST 2: in the area you will reach after meeting the Pale Heads (after searching for fuses)