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Resident Evil 8: Village, will the new chapter fix two important problems?

Resident Evil 8: Village, will the new chapter fix two important problems?

According to the insider Dusk Golem, it seems that two particular critical issues of Resident Evil 7 will be fixed in Resident Evil 8: Village.

After gaining credibility, the Insider Dusk Golem is back to talk about Resident Evil 8: Village through a Tweet. The user has previously stood out, guessing the date of presentation of the game, as well as many details confirmed by what is shown. This time around, we talk about two major flaws that the community has reported regarding Resident Evil 7the latest chapter in the series that revolutionized the brand of Capcom, offering new unexpected perspectives compared to the classic ten-year brand canons. We attach below the aforementioned tweet of the insider.

I’ll also NUDGE to mention two of the biggest complaints about RE7 was the lack of enemy variety and people wanted more stuff like the Baker house. I WONDER what the action heavier & exploration comments could mean.

It’s a mystery. 🤔

– AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@ AestheticGamer1) June 13, 2020

I also mention two of Resident Evil 7’s biggest flaws, the lack of enemy variety and the absence of additional locations such as the Baker house. I wonder what the comments on heavier exploration and action mean.

It’s a mistery.

Reading between the lines, it is possible to assume that the insider wants to emphasize that the software house has certainly taken the situation in hand for Resident Evil 8: Village, and that these critical issues will therefore be fixed in the new work, of which we do not yet know, however. many details. We hope to soon discover a possible release date, or a launch window that indicates a debut period for the highly anticipated horror. It also appears that Capcom will offer various information over the next few months: stay on our pages accordingly to find out in real time what will be declared!

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