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Resident Evil Village: a leak reveals the release period?

Resident Evil Village: a leak reveals the release period?

Apparently an important leak, immediately from Capcom, has revealed some confidential information on a certain Resident Evil Village.

A unidentified access it was immediately inside Capcom’s private servers where, inside, various confidential information such as files and emails were discovered. Inside it they were thus found, in addition to the private information we do not want to discuss, details on projects currently in progress in the various development studies. One of the many stolen news concerns the expected Resident Evil Village which, apparently, is expected to come out much sooner than one might expect.

In fact, in the leak the release period for the eighth main installment of the franchise is scheduled for April 2021. Furthermore, it seems that the Japanese company has plans to launch Resident Evil Village on Google Stadia and last generation consolesprobably PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to the publication of a demo shortly before the release of the full version. Finally, even one appears to be in development multiplayer mode call Project Highway / Village Online. For more information on this last feature, you can read the specific news about it.

However, we must consider that some of the stolen documents date back to 2018so it is possible that i plans have changed with respect to their design phase. The publisher is already mobilizing on the situation, consulting the authorities for an investigation and by funding measures to improve internal security, as well as restore their private servers. In any case, the confirmation of certain details would not surprise us in any way. Indeed, the strategy of releasing a demo has already been carried out with further chapters of the franchise, as well as the release of cross-gen episodes in the first years of a new generation. Unfortunately, the lack of a VR mode for Resident Evil Village seems possible, a feature perhaps impossible given the technical capabilities of the work. While waiting to find out how much of the leak in question is real, we remind you of our review of the previous main chapter of Resident Evil.