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Resident Evil Village: Chris Redfield becomes monstrous in the new artwork

Resident Evil Village: Chris Redfield becomes monstrous in the new artwork

New Resident Evil Village artwork released by Capcom shows a Chris Redfield having half of his face transformed from a werewolf.

After a recent leak that revealed the presumed launch window, Resident Evil Village today finally returns to the protagonist of an official announcement by Capcomwhich unveiled a new one exclusive image dedicated to the eighth chapter of their historic horror series, published on the Steam page dedicated to the game. In particular, this artwork is a remake of another illustration already published by the Japanese software house, in which we see Chris Redfield with a very somber face looking down. In this new version, however, the former STARS member is represented with half face with animal featuresalmost as if he were about to become a wolf … or rather, a werewolf.

With this artwork, Capcom could imply that Chris is no longer the clean face we met in the first chapters of Resident Evil, becoming in all respects the new antagonist of the series, especially if we take into account what he did in the Resident Evil VII finale. Another interpretation could be a small spoiler of a main story event, which will see Chris infected with this strange virus present in the village where the eighth chapter of the main series will be set. Or even the image can simply mean that in Resident Evil Village we will meet both Chris and the werewolves during our adventures, without suggesting particular plot events or interpretations on the figure of Redfield.

For now we have no official announcement from Capcom, although after the hacker attack a few days ago it could anticipate the release of new information dedicated to their next flagship project. According to what leaked by the leakers, which we remember for now do not have any kind of official status, Resident Evil Village has a launch window set for next April 2021and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC And Google Stadia.

Resident Evil Village was given a new piece of official art from Steam (image was updated for the RE8 Steam app randomly today). pic.twitter.com/qskIhm3ubQ

– AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@ AestheticGamer1) November 17, 2020