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Resident Evil Village: Dusk Golem anticipates information on freedom of approach

Resident Evil Village: Dusk Golem anticipates information on freedom of approach

The well-known leaker has stated that there will be different approaches that we can follow to advance in the various levels of Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village it is certainly one of the most anticipated titles by players all over the world and, given the value and weight of the long-lived saga Capcom within the videogame panorama, it is therefore not surprising that every indiscretion that appears on the net is carefully analyzed and taken into consideration by users and professionals. Among the most active insiders in providing advance information on the survival horror of the Japanese software house there is no doubt Dusk Golem that, after having revealed two days ago what he thinks might be there exit window of the game, has given some details in the last few hours on how it will be possible face the pitfalls present within the title.

In a series of posts published on Twitter, the insider revealed that, to advance in the various levels, we will be able to follow different approaches also based on the type of weapons, resources and especially, enemies that we will face. For example, there will be some scenarios that can be overcome but are probably not worth the resources and risks required to do so. In other points, however, already in the early stages of the game, we will be able to choose whether to adopt a stealth approach and try to avoid the enemies present or be brave e face them openly. However, both choices will allow us to advance in history. This possibility of choice will also be present in other environments of the game where, thanks to the presence of secondary escape routeswe will very often have the possibility of being able to move forward without necessarily eliminating all the enemies that we will find ourselves in front of, keeping the limited resources that the game will provide us with.

However, Dusk Gamer added that this choice will not be present at all times, which adds – if possible – even more variety to the gameplay. In conclusion and waiting to know the official release date of the game, we remind you that Resident Evil Village will be released in the course of 2021 on PC, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X.

(1/3) I’ll give three examples, some minor RE8 spoilers, but I’ll try to be vague of specifics but enough people will know what I mean later.
I’ve noticed RE8 has several scenes it throws you in scenarios you theoretically can overcome, but probably not worth the resources / health

– AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@ AestheticGamer1) September 9, 2020