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Resident Evil Village: game length leaked

Resident Evil Village: game length leaked

Resident Evil Village, the eighth episode of the horror series, should have a similar playing length to the fourth episode. Here are the first leaks.

The launch of Resident Evil Village is now around the corner. There are now less than two weeks before the landing of the new horror game from the brand Capcom on all major game consoles. As it is “normal” that it is, after a few days, some small curiosities inherent to the title often begin to emerge. In this case we are talking about the duration total of the work, an element that is certainly relevant for a product of this kind.

This information was leaked following some copies already in circulation, thanks to which we learned the final average duration of Resident Evil Village. According to one user, who shared the completion on GameFAQs, the game was completed with just over 13.5 hours on the first run. Even other more famous users, such as the well-known Dusk Golem, they wanted to share information about longevity. In fact, he showed the completion time of two different players, who finished the whole adventure with a timer of 13.30 hours the first and 15.30 hours the second.

These game durations settle higher than the last chapters published by the Japanese house. Resident Evil 7 in fact, it can be completed in about 10 hours of play, while the most “recent” Resident Evil 2 Remake can be completed in as little as 8.5 hours. The new chapter therefore seems to be closer to the fourth episode of the saga, both in terms of longevity and settings and themes.

RE Village has often been approached RE 4, both by users and by the parent company itself. Initially, as stated several times, Capcom wanted to create a product that was more similar to what for many is considered the most revolutionary chapter and in some ways the best. The duration of the latter, among other things, stands at 12-13 hours of play, a time decidedly in line with that of the new chapter and higher than those of the last.

Resident Evil Village, the eighth canonical episode of the saga, will be released on May 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.