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Resident Evil Village: here is Lady Dimitrescu and her 3 meter long towel

Resident Evil Village: here is Lady Dimitrescu and her 3 meter long towel

A video published by the Resident Evil Village Twitter account shows a towel, 3 meters long, which portrays Lady Dimitrescu

With the increasingly imminent arrival of Resident Evil Village, fans continue to argue about the character of Lady Dimitrescu, the vampire who since her first appearance has won the hearts of players, making people talk about herself for months and months. In particular, users focused on one of its very important and impressive physical characteristics: theheight.

Lady Dimitrescu, one of the villain main of the next chapter of the highly acclaimed horror series by license plate Capcom, has in fact been the subject of several videos and memes created by the web, some of these precisely where they tried to calculate the height of the terrifying vampire.

In the past few hours, also, the account Twitter Japanese Resident Evil Village has published a particular video spot, in which there is a comparison between a man about 1,80m tall and a towel which portrays Lady Dimitrescu in life size.

The man featured in the video is lying on the floor next to a well high towel 10 foot, barely reaches the terrifying chest antagonist of the new Capcom game, which has already become an icon within the gaming industry, as well as a very important part of the campaign marketing dedicated to Resident Evil Village.

# ヴ ィ レ ッ ジ 体 験 版 と 一 緒 に 体 験 版 の 感想 や 、 お 気 に 入 り の シ ョ ッ ト を 投稿 し よ う!
抽選 で 等身 大 ド ミ ト レ ス ク バ ス タ オ ル が 当 た る!

※ 成人 男性 (身 長約 180cm) と の 比較 https://t.co/5QHvxldpqE pic.twitter.com/u5QTVVTwvU

– バ イ オ ハ ザ ー ド (カ プ コ ン) (@BIO_OFFICIAL) April 24, 2021

As announced by Capcom, three lucky players among those who will post their impressions and screenshots of the brand new game demo on Twitter will receive as a gift the 10-foot-long towel shown in the Twitter video. At the moment, however, this “lottery” is open to the public only Japanese and we do not know when and if it will also be extended to the rest of the world.

Before leaving you, we remind you that Resident Evil Village will still follow the events of Ethan Winters, protagonist of the previous chapter of the series, and will be available from May 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia. Finally, we invite you to read our preview on the new demo of the game, to find out even more details on the next chapter of the terrifying horror series created by Capcom.