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Resident Evil Village: how dangerous is Lady Dimitrescu? A video explains it


Resident Evil Village: how dangerous is Lady Dimitrescu? A video explains it

The YouTube channel Kyle Hill has simulated in collaboration with Capcom the danger of Lady Dimitrescu, villain of Resident Evil Village.

As the debut date of Resident Evil Village and the demos begin to terrify the players who are waiting for the license plate work Capcom, a fan experienced the danger of Lady Dimitrescu.

The villain, which has now become almost iconic for the saga, even before the game’s release, seems to be really to be feared, especially due to its considerable height. The video you find at the bottom of the article explains how this Tyrant would be lethal to say the least in reality, through a real scientific experiment based on precise data.

YouTuber Kyle Hill made the footage in collaboration with Capcom, conducting experiments and explaining how i 2.9 meters high of the woman would be dangerous (also considering the pointed heels) against the head of a normal man and not only.

Gods were employed to conduct the tests weights, calibrated on the basis of some very precise scientific calculations, and finally one pointed pin. The whole was used to crush a rubber shape of a human head, and a coconut.

Surprisingly, it seems that Lady Dimitrescu’s revival was lethal even outside Resident Evil Village, succeeding even to completely crush the coconut.

This experiment reminds us in particular how much we will have to be careful of the villain patented by Capcom, trying to escape from the latter and his lethal daughters for the entire duration of the adventure, which he will see again Ethan Winters as the protagonist (former main figure of Resident Evil 7).

We just have to wait to get our hands on the game to find out how the enormous dangers lurking in the new setting will surprise users, cornering them in a new experience survival horror.

Before we leave you, we remind you that Resident Evil Village is coming up PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One And Google Stadia (here the details on the performances of all versions). Waiting for the debut, we refer you to ours preview of the Village demo of Resident Evil Village, which you can consult at the following link.