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Resident Evil Village isn’t the first game to host werewolves

Resident Evil Village isn’t the first game to host werewolves

Resident Evil Village will not be the first chapter of the saga to see a werewolf as an enemy, a creature that has already appeared in Raccon City.

Resident Evil Village has only been officially presented to the public for a week, and gamers are already crazy for its new setting, a dark village of the Romania at the foot of a threatening castle. Not only that, even the enemies that we will face in this new chapter immediately impressed the fans of the saga, starting with the fascinating Lady Dimitrescu and his daughters, up to the more classic werewolves. However, it seems that Resident Evil Village is not the first chapter of the brand to introduce werewolves as opponents of the protagonist. Although in fact not part of the main saga of the video games of Resident Evil, the comic series Resident Evil: The Official Comic magazine has already brought werewolves to Raccon City.

In fact, a werewolf appeared in the charming town a few days before the accident a Villa Spencer, attacking a student campus. Among his first victims we find the young woman Michelle Allen. Although the news of the murder was not then spread in the city, the team of the STARS however he decided to investigate, sending Jill Valentine in disguise on campus. After a careful investigation, our heroine managed to unmask the terrible beast and eliminate it, restoring peace to Raccon City. The events narrated in this volume, however, they did not influence the timeline of the main saga, remaining relegated to the universe of comics linked to Resident Evil. Animal transformations are also not new to Capcom. In fact, in many chapters of the brand, the T virus has turned numerous animals into biological weaponssuch as amphibians, dogs, ravens and giant snakes, and wolves are therefore only the latest in a long line.

In the eighth chapter, therefore, werewolves will be recurring enemies, and ours Ethan he will have to use up all the military equipment that the mysterious merchant will provide. Not only that, it just looks like that Chrisone of the heroes of the saga up to the seventh chapter, may have become the main antagonist of Village, precisely by virtue of a his transformation into a werewolf. Not the first of the saga, after all.