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Resident Evil Village: Lady Dimitrescu’s embarrassing nude mod appears

Resident Evil Village: Lady Dimitrescu’s embarrassing nude mod appears

Here we go again, a modder soon created a Resident Evil Village mod that shows the well-known Lady Dimitrescu naked while playing.

It was only a matter of time before that Resident Evil Village ended up like so many other works, as a modder delighted in creating a mod that makes Lady Dimitrescu naked.

Unfortunately the creation has been finished, and the villain of the last chapter is chasing the protagonist – Ethan Winter – without veils, because of this nude mod of Resident Evil Village definitely in bad taste.

The character of Lady Dimitrescu is now known to all, and between (harmless) cosplay and many details has become iconic in a very short time, thus leading to this deplorable result.

As you can see from the pictures below, the result is in bad taste, and portrays the villain without veils with not much care. Everything seems to have been made only to ride the trend of the work that has just been released (our review at this link).

This isn’t the first mod that portrays the villain since the game hit digital and virtual shelves, and it looks like it won’t be the last.

While it is certainly nice to deal with characters with interesting peculiarities, the continuous inappropriate and out of place exploitation is to be discriminated against, and the mod covered in this article is obviously no exception.

We rather hope that the figure of Lady Dimitrescu can be enriched with much more useful news than a mod that makes her naked, such as implementations that increase the difficulty of Resident Evil Village gameplay and the danger of the Tyrant (already not indifferent).

We delved into the countess’s design just today in a dedicated article, showing you how this was (apparently) taken from a 1930s photo.

For users who have already completed the experience, and want to find out more about all the details that rotate to the mysterious story of Ethan Winters, we refer you to our explanation of the ending, where you will also find various theories about the next sequel.

Before leaving you, we finally refer you to our dedicated game page, where you can find all our insights and multiple guides on the work.