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Resident Evil Village: new details and images of the Capcom title revealed

Resident Evil Village: new details and images of the Capcom title revealed

Exciting information about Resident Evil Village has been revealed, including three new images showing the locations of the Capcom title.

Over the last few hours, the famous and historic Japanese company Capcom has released some interesting details about it Resident Evil Village, the new and highly anticipated chapter of the famous horror video game series that has terrified the world. Through an interview granted to IGN, the producer of the game Peter Fabiano shared new information about the title with the numerous awaiting players, including three suggestive images that show what will be the tones and settings of the game, decidedly different from those we were used to previously from the iconic saga.

We are really excited for fans to try Resident Evil Village when it comes out next 2021. We feel it is an accumulation of all the best elements of Resident Evil games released over the past 25 years. years, with everything fans love about action-packed survival horror and lots of new surprises. Of course, there are many puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel. We hope fans will enjoy exploring the desolate, snowy village where Resident Evil Village takes place, where the new enemies of the franchise are waiting for them. Players will once again take control of Ethan Winters, experiencing more of the story set in motion Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. New technologies are allowing us to immerse players in the game in ways we couldn’t get before, in what we hope will be the most addicting Resident Evil game to date.

We also remind you that on the new generation home console Sony, PlayStation 5Resident Evil Village will fully support the 4K and ray tracing, thus guaranteeing players a gaming experience with a high graphic impact. The title will exploit the SSD of the new platform to almost completely cancel the presence of loading times, while igadaptive rills of the DualSense controller and the haptic feedback they are meant to offer an extremely gaming experience suggestive and immersive.

Check out three exclusive new screenshots from Resident Evil Village (aka, RE8) along with a brief development update from Capcom: https://t.co/tZ1pOiIN83 pic.twitter.com/bmZ317Nscp

– IGN (@IGN) December 15, 2020